Barndominium Kits

Barndominium kits are becoming the way of the future. With so many getting away from the traditional stick building homes, metal building homes are increasing in popularity. Barndominiums are not only beautiful, they are extremely versatile and affordable as well. The customizability of barndominiums is what really makes them attractive. With a little bit of imagination, you can turn a boring metal building kit into a breathtaking barndominium home. The beauty of our services is that we help you design your metal building home and we pre-engineer the building and ship it right to you. Our barn home kits make a wonderful addition for any property. Contact our team today to start designing your future metal building home today.

Metal Building Homes

Metal Building Homes

This is a beautiful country style metal building home. Equipped with a garage and large front porch, this barndominium is perfect for your next home. This barn house was designed with a 3 foot stone faced to accompany the metal wall panel siding. The beautiful thing about steel building homes is the ability to make the exterior walls out of whatever material you choose. Contact our team today to start designing you barndominium.

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Barn Homes

This farm house design makes the perfect barndominium kit. It's sometimes hard to believe that homes like this one can be made out of steel building kits. With plenty of interior space for your own floor plan, this metal building house would make anyone the perfect place to call home. Our barndominium design crew can assist you in designing your future metal building home.

Customize and Price Your Barndominium
Metal Building Barndominium Kits

Traditional style or farm house? Either way this metal building kit makes the perfect barndominium. With clear span buildings, there is nothing but space inside to create the perfect floor plan for your barndominium. With steel building homes, you don't have to worry about load bearing walls to get in the way of you design. These home kits are completely customizable and can be made with RV garages, three car garages, or whatever you need. Contact our team today to start designing you metal building home.

Customize and Price Your Barndominium
Metal Homes Barn House

This home is a barndominium through and through. One glance at this beauty and you know it's a country style metal building home. This one has all the bells and whistles, accompanied with two porches and and an upstairs balcony to capture beautiful sunsets. This steel building home shows you just one of the many ways that you can design your barndominium.

Customize and Price Your Barndominium
Modern Barndominium Kits

This modern style barndominium kit is nothing short of breathtaking. Made with an attached pergola porch and front porch, this beauty is sure to make your neighbors jealous. This metal building home kit also comes with three glass rollup doors for that modern style so many are going for these days. As a clear span building this home is wide open for your floor plan, with nothing to get in the way. Contact our design crew today to start designing your future metal building home and have it shipped right to your property for erection.

Customize and Price Your Barndominium

Barndominiums: The Rising Popularity of Rustic and Modern Living

In recent years, barndominiums have been rising in popularity among homeowners looking for a unique and affordable living space that combines rustic and modern elements. A barndominium is a type of home that combines a traditional barn or metal building with modern amenities and living spaces. They are often characterized by their large open floor plans, high ceilings, and rustic finishes.

One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of barndominiums is their affordability. Barndominiums are typically less expensive to build than traditional homes, as they require fewer materials and less labor. They can also be constructed quickly, saving homeowners time and money.

In addition to their affordability, barndominiums are highly customizable, with a variety of sizes and layouts to choose from. They can be designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner, whether that be a large open space for entertaining or a more traditional home layout.

Barndominiums also offer a unique aesthetic that has become increasingly popular among homeowners seeking a rustic and modern look. They often feature natural materials such as wood and stone, combined with modern finishes and appliances, creating a blend of traditional and contemporary elements.

Another advantage of barndominiums is their versatility. They can be used as a primary residence, vacation home, or even a guesthouse or rental property. The large open spaces and high ceilings make them ideal for hosting gatherings, while also providing ample room for storage and hobbies.

Despite their growing popularity, barndominiums are not without their challenges. Some municipalities have strict zoning regulations that may make it difficult to build a barndominium in certain areas. Additionally, financing for barndominiums can be more difficult to obtain than traditional home loans, as they are often considered non-traditional structures.

Overall, the rising popularity of barndominiums reflects a growing desire among homeowners for affordable and unique living spaces that combine rustic and modern elements. With their affordability, customization options, and versatility, barndominiums offer an appealing alternative to traditional homes.