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Customization & Design

Metal Building Customization and Design is what we do. When you contact our team, we take your idea and make plans out it. The result is one perfect steel building kit that is perfect for your project. 

Manufacture Facilities Nationwide

With steel building manufacturing facilities located around the country, you will always get the best shipping charges, because the building is shipped from the closest location. 

Pre-Engineered Buildings

A PEMB, also known as a pre-engineered metal building, is a prefabricated building that ships directly to your job site. In most cases, PEMBs can be fully erected in a week or less .

Turnkey Steel Buildings

Looking for a turnkey package? Our team is equipped to provide a one-stop-shop for your steel building project. From sitework, to concrete, to erection, we have you covered.

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Turnkey Steel Buldings

Turnkey Metal Buildings in Georgia

Looking for more than just a metal building kit? We can help you with that. Our team provides a turnkey steel building package. From design to construction, we handle it all. Don't waste money on multiple contractors, use us and cut out the headache. When you combine our steel building kits with our engineering, concrete, and metal building erection services, you save money and get the job done right the first time.


Commercial Metal Buildings

Georgia Barndominiums

Metal Building Homes

Metal Home Kits Georgia

Barndominiums in Georgia are the newest most economical way to live. Designed to your specifications, you will always get what you want with a metal building home kit. Whether you are looking for a small steel home for the deer lease or a beautiful mansion to show off to your neighbors, our team can design the perfect metal home for you. Barndos can be designed with any type of faced you like. From metal sheeting, to stucco, to brick, your home can be designed with any type of exterior. Contact our team today for a free home consultation.


Metal Buildings Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Steel Building Kits

Steel building have become extensively popular in the great city of Atlanta, Georgia. Used for residential and commercial use, our metal building kits are being used for barndominiums, strip centers, garages, plane hangars, shops, and more. As Georgia natives, we understand the climate and building regulations. Our team designs and engineers steel buildings to meet all local wind speeds regulations and building codes. Contact our Atlanta office today to start your metal building project.

Metal Buildings Atlanta

Steel Buildings Albany

Metal Barns

Metal Buildings in Albany, GA

As Georgia's top metal building providers, we render a non-pressure sales technique that includes giving our customers exactly what they are looking for and for the best price. We know our products and stand behind the quality and durability of our steel building kits. Equally important, we strive to provide the best customer services for metal building kits and for our turnkey construction package. We know construction can be stressful and are here to help you along the way. Contact our team today and use a company you can trust to design/build you new metal building.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our metal building kits are pre-engineered and prefabricated for the climate and end-use of the client. There is no such thing as a standard metal building. Depending on the wind speed regulations, snow load, and building codes required, each steel building kit is engineered differently and to required specifications. Our team can design/build your prefabricated metal building for you.

Our clients use steel building kits for a variety of different purposes. Because metal buildings are so versatile, they can used for metal garages, strip centers, commercial buildings, plane hangars, shops, barndominiums, and much more. Talk to our team today about which metal building kit is right for you.

Absolutely, you can erect a steel building kit yourself. Our kits come as bolt-together kits with plans you can understand. However, prefab building kits are very large and very heavy. We do recommend some help when erecting. Proper safety equipment is recommended as well as the use of an off-road forklift and scissor lift. Erection times are going to depend on your experience. An experienced erector can erect a 30x40 metal building in 4-7 days.

This is a great and very important question. No, our kits do not come with anchor bolts. This is because anchor bolt plans are sent out well before the metal building kit arrives, leaving ample time to pour concrete with the anchor bolts in place. Anchor bolts are generally j-bolts and must be installed prior to concrete. Standard straight bolts may allow the building to blow up due to not having significant support in the concrete.

This is one of our favorite questions to answer. Yes, metal building kits can have a more traditional look. As a matter of fact Georgia Metal Buildings, can be designed to look anyway you wish. Whether you want metal panels, wood, stucco, brick, or stone for the faced, they can all be designed to work with you metal building kit. The versatility of metal buildings is endless.


Steel buildings are popular because of their affordability and versatility. Our customers use metal buildings for garages, workshops, commercial buildings, metal homes, and much more. Because metal building can be designed as clear span buildings, they are perfect for two story structures. When building a metal building garage, there are a ton of options to choose from. Here are a few ideas when designing your future steel garage building.

Metal Garage/Shop Customization Ideas

Split up your metal building with Partition walls.

Whether used to separate the inside or outside of you metal building, partitions are a great option to split up space. Using a partition can allot for many things such as office space, painting booths, work zones and much more.

Metal Buildings Lofts

With pre-engineered metal buildings, there is always ample space in the rafters. Consider using this space by adding a loft. Mezzanines can be added as part of the building itself or added separately. Mezzanines can be used as living quarters, office space, storage space, work areas, and more. It is crucial that you inform you metal building provider that you are interested in a loft, because the building must be a certain height to have ample space.

Metal Building Garage Interior Finishes

Because prefabricated buildings are made from metal materials, many people think they are cold and boring inside. Well, they do not have to be. By enhancing the interior aesthetics of your building, you can create a very warm atmosphere that is inviting to all. For a more traditional look, drywall can easily be added to your Georgia metal building kit. Interior metal panels add a great look along with protection for your insulation. Spray-in insulation is another option that not only offers temperature control, but a unique look as well. Whatever you fancy, it can be added to you metal building shop. Many customers choose to use stone, brick, wood, and other creative materials to personalize their steel buildings.

Car Lift Addition

When it comes to the perfect auto shop/garage, a car lift is essential. Lifts can easily be added turning your garage into a full function auto shop. It is important to plan ahead before your pour your concrete slab to make sure there is ample support for the lift.

Metal Building with climate control

When it comes to working year-round in your metal shop, having proper climate control can make it much more comfortable. A cool shop in the summer and a warm shop in the winter can make all the difference on the work you are able to accomplish in comfortable conditions. We all know that a metal shop without insulation and climate control essentially become an oven in the summer time. Don’t burn up, install insulation and climate control in you steel building today.

Overhead Fans and Louver Vents

Proper airflow and circulation is essential for a comfortable shop. We recommend as minimum adding louvers with fans to egress warmer air that has risen to the ceiling, this will help keep fresh air in your building. We also recommend adding a large fan to help circulate the air, providing a nice breeze on warmer days.

Heating For Your Steel Building Shop

In winter months, the cold can be overwhelming. Your shop may block the wind, but without proper insulation and a heating system, it may be unbearable to work in. We recommend that you add a heating system that make your shop inviting in the winter months.

Metal Building Lean-tos and Overhangs

Awnings and lean-tos not only are considered as aesthetically pleasing accessories, they can serve a great purpose as well. Awnings are great for deflecting storm water and allowing you to stay dry while outside. A lean-to can provide extra space for your metal building, whether open or closed walled. Don't forget to check with you local Georgia governing authorities for required permits.

Utilize Our Team for Turnkey Metal Garage Construction

Our metal building kits are the perfect choice for your steel building project because of their versatility, durability, and low cost. We can custom fit our metal buildings to fit the project you have in mind. Our metal garages come as symmetrical buildings, semi-symmetrical buildings, lean-to, and as tall as you like.

Contact our team today to start your new metal building project.

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