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Why Choose A Metal Roof for Your Home in Houston?

More Houston residents are turning to metal roofing to increase their home's value and save them money over time. Metal roofing is known to be for commercial buildings. Well, not anymore. Metal roofing systems have been created to look elegant and some even look like regular asphalt shingles. The secret is out, metal roofing is not only more durable for Houston weather, it saves on energy bills as well. 

Metal roofing is the longest lasting roofing material currently on the market. While asphalt shingles may have a lower up front cost, they will have to be repaired and replaced much faster than metal roofing systems. It's no secret, Houston has very hot weather in the summer time. This hot weather is known to dry out and crack asphalt shingle roofing. The areas of asphalt shingles that have less sun coverage in early mornings will often acquire an algae growth on the roof causing it look old and ugly. This algae absorbs more heat from the sun. Metal Roofs do not acquire this algae as the algae, cannot live on metal. It grows shingles that have limestone as a filler. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is no secret, up front metal roofs are more expensive than composition roofing. Furthermore, Houston metal roofs not only last much longer than asphalt shingle roofing, they are more durable as well, leading to far less repairs. Asphalt shingles roofs generally last anywhere between 10 and 20 years. Of course that depends on the weather severity for the region and the care and maintenance for the roof. Metal roofing systems last on average between 35 and 60 years. So in the long run, metal roofing is just as affordable as composition roofing, yet you get a better look longer. 

This is a very understandable question. On commercial metal buildings and barns, metal roofing is generally loud due to the lack of roof decking and insulation. When it comes to residential metal roofing, it generally is no different than a composition roof. There are many barriers between the roof and your living space. 

Also another excellent question. You would think that the metal would hold the heat and pass it on to the interior of the house, but actually the opposite takes place. Metal roofing reflects much of the sun's heat. For this reason, metal roofing in Houston can actually reduce energy costs up to 20 percent. This is due to the specialized coating that comes on the metal roofing material itself. 

In modern society, metal roofing materials come in a large variety of styles. There are metal roofs that appear to look like asphalt shingles, there metal roofs that are traditional like on a pole barn, and there are fancy metal roofing that is known as standing seam. Whatever your style, there is a metal roof for you and your home. 

This is an excellent question. Actually, when it comes to hail damage, metal roofing is the preferred style for home owner's insurance companies. This is because metal roofs can receive up to golf ball size hail and still be function properly, not allowing leaks. Asphalt shingles cannot say the same. 

Discovering the Vibrant Diversity of Houston, TX

Houston, Texas is a vibrant and diverse city, known for its booming energy industry, world-class museums, and mouth-watering cuisine. With a population of over 2 million, the city is the fourth largest in the United States and offers a wealth of cultural attractions and recreational opportunities. The median household income in Houston is around $59,000, and the cost of living is relatively low compared to other major cities. Recent real estate developments in Houston include the mixed-use development "The Ion" in the historic Third Ward neighborhood, which will house a technology and innovation hub, as well as residential and retail space. Additionally, the "East River" development in the East End neighborhood is set to transform a former industrial site into a 150-acre mixed-use development, featuring parks, shops, and residential units.

7 Reasons To Get A Metal Roof In Houston

Metal roofing has become very attractive to Houston homeowners and business owners. In the past decade the metal roofing industry has more than doubled in size and it continues to grow year after year. People are turning to metal roofs for many reasons, such as their attractive aesthetics, longer life span, heavy weather resistance, and little to no maintenance, just to name a few.

When it comes to purchasing a new metal roof, many people become sticker shock. The cost of the metal roofing materials along with the professionally trained metal roof installers makes the cost of metal roofs higher than traditional roofing methods. However, when people take the time to understand the major benefits of metal roofs, they quickly understand why they cost a little more and why it's worth the cost.

Benefits of Houston Metal Roofs

Homes and businesses with metal roofs see major benefits over traditional style roofing. Metal roofs have longer lifespans, lower maintenance, they are more energy efficient, and they increase the value of your home or business, because others know that they are long lasting and durable.

#1. Metal Roofs Last Longer

Due to their durability, metal roofing system are extremely strong and stand up well to the weather Houston has to offer. Unlike shingles, metal roofs standup to strong winds and hail. Shingles blow off, crack, break, and get covered by a dark algae called gloeocapsa magma, which makes your roof look old and ready to replace in just after 3-5 years. Standard shingle roofs look rough after only 10 years. Metal roofs look excellent for up to 60 years.

What is the lifespan of metal roofs in Houston, TX?

Houston metal roofs are known to last from 40 to 60 years. Of course this number is depending on the care that has been given to the roof through the years. A well maintained roof will last for what seems like forever. The low maintenance that they require makes it easy to upkeep.

#2. Metal Roofs are Weather Resistant

We all know that hurricanes blow into Houston every few years. During these hurricanes many home owners and businesses find themselves roofless. That because shingles do not stand up well to heavy winds and hail. However, metal roofs in Houston withstand even the harshest winds. After major storms, while your neighbors are picking up shingles from their driveways, you can be relaxing on your couch with a perfectly healthy roof. With metal roofing, the only part where wind could lift the roof is by the edge, which happens to be the part metal roofing is fastened the most secure.

Metal Roofing Houston

Metal Roofing Houston

#3. Boost Curb Appeal with a Metal Roof

When it comes to metal roofing styles, there are many to choose. The most popular metal roofing style for homes and businesses in Houston is the standing seam roof. This roofing style not only comes in a large variety of colors, it is absolutely stunning as well. A standing seam roof makes a house standout from those around it immediately due to the elegant look that the metal roof provides.

#4. Increase The Value of Your Home with a Metal Roof

Who doesn’t want to get the most value for their home when selling? A sure way to get the most value for your home is to sell it with a metal roof. Having a metal roof tells the buyer two things. Number one, the home looks beautiful. Number two, the roof will not need to be replaced for decades. Who wants to purchase a home knowing they have to fork over the deductible for a new roof in less than 10 years. Many people do not even have an option, because most homes in Houston do not have metal roofs. Be the easy choice, and put a metal roof on your home.

#5. Environmentally Friendly Roofs

Unlike asphalt shingles, which are sent to landfills after replacement, metal roofs are 100% recyclable. They are made of metal and can be melted down when discarded. The recycled metal is often used in the new creation of metal roofing systems. When it comes to roofing options, metal roofing systems are the most sustainable.

#6. Metal Roofs Protect Against House Fires

Metal roofs are not only durable against rain, wind, and hail, they can withstand lightening strikes too. It is no secret that lightening is sporadic and responsible for burning down many homes. Metal roofs do not catch on fire if/when struck by lightning.

#7. Potential Insurance Saving for having a Metal Roof

Some people in Houston may qualify for a lower home insurance when they have metal roofs. This is because insurance companies know that the roof will have far less issues through the years leading to metal roofing repair or replacement Houston. When you install your metal roof, be sure to ask for a discount from your home owner’s insurance company.


As you can see, metal roofs in Houston, can not only make your home beautiful, they are an investment as well. Your roof is the largest expense for your home, don’t find yourself paying your insurance deductible every ten years, when you can replace it with a long lasting and durable metal roofing system.

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