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Customization & Design

Metal Building Customization and Design is what we do. When you contact our team, we take your idea and make plans out it. The result is one perfect steel building kit that is perfect for your project. 

Manufacture Facilities Nationwide

With steel building manufacturing facilities located around the country, you will always get the best shipping charges, because the building is shipped from the closest location. 

Pre-Engineered Buildings

A PEMB, also known as a pre-engineered metal building, is a prefabricated building that ships directly to your job site. In most cases, PEMBs can be fully erected in a week or less .

Turnkey Steel Buildings

Looking for a turnkey package? Our team is equipped to provide a one-stop-shop for your steel building project. From sitework, to concrete, to erection, we have you covered.

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Turnkey Steel Buldings

Turnkey Metal Buildings in Oklahoma

When it comes to your metal building project, we provide a turnkey steel building package. As a one-stop-shop building solution, we will handle everything from design, permitting, concrete, building, and erection. Let us handle the headaches so you can set back and enjoy your new metal building. By using us, you will save money on markups from different contractors. Get your discount metal building today.

Turnkey Metal Building Packages

Oklahoma Barndomniums

Metal Home Kits

Oklahoma Metal Home Kits

Looking for a beautiful metal building home? There is no better way to enjoy beautiful Oklahoma then from the front porch of your new barndominium. We have in-house designers ready to help you choose the best floor plan and get ample amount of space for your needs. Contact our team today to start planning your future home.

Metal Buildings Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Steel Building Kits

There are many metal building companies in the area; however, not all are reputable. Don't take the risk, use a company you can trust for your metal building kit. We are sure to offer the best deals on prefabricated buildings in Oklahoma. As fellow Oklahomans, we know and understand the climate and local regulations for getting the most out of your steel building. Contact our team today for a free consultation.

Oklahoma City Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings Tulsa

Tulsa Steel Buildings

Metal Buildings in Tulsa, Ok

Are you looking to build a metal garage, shop, carport, or commercial steel building in Tulsa? If so, you've come to the right place. We provide the best quality steel building kits on the market. Our team can either provide you a turnkey package or just sell you the metal building. The choice is your. Either way, we guarantee you will be happy you went with a reputable company. Contact our team today for a free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The erection time of steel buildings completely depends on the complexity of your metal building. The building itself usually delivers in 6-8 weeks. This gives you ample time to prepare the pad and the slab for your building. With the right crew, a 30x40 metal building may take 4-5 days to completely erect. While a 50x100 metal building may take 7-10 days to full erect. 

Prefabricated metal buildings are building manufactured per the end user’s design and location. They come as bolt-together buildings and ready to assemble. Essentially, it just means that the building is manufactured offsite and shipped ready to put together.

Steel building are awesome and are the quickest solution for a quality building. Key benefits are:

  • Fast manufacturing, delivery, and erection times.
  • All welding, punching, and cutting is completed before the building arrives.
  • The building is professionally designed for local regulations, loads, and codes in Oklahoma.
  • Assembly is easy as they come as bolt-together kits.
  • They are not limited to current size. Expansion is easy in the future.
  • Modifications are simple.

You metal building package can come with insulation. Standard insulation for walls is 4” R21 and 6” for the roof. However, your building can also hold high quality spray foam insulation for ultimate climate control.

If you do not have prior experience, it may not be the best option to erect your building yourself, but it certainly can be done. Metal Buildings come with assembly instructions. It is recommended that you hire a professional steel building erection company because they will get it completed quickly and will be liable for any problems during erection.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Metal Building
  1. Pouring Your Foundation Before You Receiving the Building Plans

Getting ahead is usually always a positive when it comes to construction. Unfortunately, there can be major set backs if not done properly. A major mistake that is common is clients sometimes pour their concrete slabs before receiving anchor bolt plans. This is a major mistake. Anchor bolts usually come as j-bolts and must be set before the slab is poured. Anchor bolts are used to hold the columns of your building in place. Additionally, sometime plans change during the manufacturing period. This could also have devastating effects on your overall project. Two ways to avoid this mistake are: 1. Wait until you receive the anchor bolt plans for you project to pour the concrete. 2. Use our professional team to handle the concrete work, that way you know it is done right the first time.

  1. Accepting the delivery of you metal building kit before having proper permitting.

This is key because if you accept the building before you receive permitting, you will not be able to erect the building and it will have to sit in the lay-down area, susceptible to damages, until you get the proper paperwork from your local governing officials.

  1. Purchasing a non-prefabricated metal building kit from a cheaper source.

This can be devastating when it comes to permitting and the overall strength of you building. When you use a professional steel building company, software is used to calculate the necessary material density and supports to withstand all wind speeds and snow loads in you area.

  1. Using multiple sub-contractors instead of a turnkey metal building contractor.

This is a common mistake when people are looking to save money. They think if they find the subs themselves than they will cut out the middleman. We highly recommend you use a turnkey metal building company. You will save the most money, because instead of paying multiple markups for each service rendered, you will just pay one for the overall project. Contact our team today and start planning your turnkey package.

  1. Mistakenly purchasing the wrong type of metal building.

There are many types of cheaply made metal buildings that may not meet the vision of your project. Many people don’t understand the differences between pole barns, weld-together buildings, c-channel metal buildings, and red iron buildings. Red Iron building are by far the most durable and easy to assemble steel building kits.

  1. Underestimating the total Cost of your metal building project.

Many people just look at the value of their building when making their purchasing decision. However, there are many factors to take into consideration before you go on a buying spree. Other costs to consider are:

  • Dirt Work
  • Building Foundation
  • Permitting
  • Delivery Costs
  • Erection Costs
  • Taxes
  • Possible interior build-out
  1. Impulse Buying

Many companies, who just sale metal buildings, may use high pressure sales tactics to try and get you to purchase the building immediately. They may say that the cost of steel is about to rise again, they have a current sale that is ending, or even that a customer just canceled their order on the same size building and they will sell it at a discount. We recommend that you really do your homework before pulling the trigger on your metal building project. We do not use high pressure tactics, because we are more focused on you getting the most bang for you buck. Contact our team today for a quality buying experience.

  1. Not Doing Homework on Metal Building Companies

We highly recommend that you do your research whether you are buying from us or not. There are many fly-by-night companies that may look professional but are none-the-less. We suggest that you ask for previous projects and even consider contacting some of the previous clients to get quality feedback. It might just save you a huge headache in the end.

  1. First Time Do It Yourselfers

Our metal building kits can certainly be put together as a DIY project. However, they can be dangerous to put together, and you most likely would save time and money in the end by using our professional metal building erectors.

  1. Not having proper permitting before starting your project.

We can’t stress this enough. If you are not going to use our professional permitting team, we highly recommend that you do your complete due diligence on just what you need for projects that require permitting. Some common permitting requirements consist of storm drainage, size and shape requirements.


Once you look at the common mistakes when purchasing a steel building, we believe it’s clear why you should use our professional turnkey metal building team. We have a thriving track record of project throughout Oklahoma and would love to earn your business. Contact our team today to start your project.

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