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Customization & Design

When it comes to designing and customizing your metal building, our team is ready to bring your vision into reality. We have a large selection of metal building kits to choose from, or we can design yours from scratch. 

Manufacturing Facilities Nationwide

With steel building manufacturing facilities located around the country, your metal building will be shipped from the closest manufacturing location to ensure you the you save on shipping prices. 

Pre-Engineered Buildings

A PEMB, also known as a pre-engineered metal building, is a prefabricated building. When you purchase a prefabricated steel building, it is shipped directly to your job site and come ready to assemble. Plans come with the package.

Turnkey Steel Buildings

Looking for a one-stop-shop when it comes to your metal building project? We provide turnkey steel building packages to ensure that you only have to deal with one company and you save overall. 

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Turnkey Steel Buldings

Turnkey Metal Buildings in Oregon

When it comes to turnkey steel building packages, you've come to the right place. We provide a one-stop-shop prefab building solution that makes the construction process streamline and saves you money. Our team handles your metal building project from planning to finish allowing for you to get the most bang for you buck. Contact our team today to start the process.

Turnkey Metal Building Companies

Oregon Barndomniums

Metal Barndominiums in Oregon

Oregon Metal Home Kits

Metal building homes are becoming an extremely popular living solution. With the ability for complete customization, barndominiums can be designed to suit your needs, wants, and vision. Whether you are looking to build a three-story steel home in the city or a 5,000 square foot ranch house, our metal barndominiums are perfect for you. One of the best parts is the cost efficiency of providing a complete enclosure before you start doing the interior build-out. Contact our team today to start planning you future steel building home.

Steel Buildings Portland

Portland Metal Building Kits

Look for a metal building company that you can trust. Well, you've come to the right place. Honesty, integrity, and professionalism is what we strive to provide each of our Portland metal building clients. In addition we strive to provide the best deals on our metal building kits in Portland, Oregon. As native Oregonians, we know and understand the building requirements for the environment including wind speeds and snow loads. Don't waste your time with other companies, contact our team today and get an experience you will remember.

Portland Metal Buildings

Steel Buildings Salem

Salem Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings in Salem, Oregon

Are you looking to build a metal garage, steel home, or a commercial metal building in Salem? We provide the best prices on metal building kits. We also provide turnkey steel construction packages. With a team ready to design/build your future steel building, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our metal building packages are custom designed to fit your intended needs. Whether you are looking to build a steel garage for your 67' Corvette, a horse barn, or even a beautiful barndominium, we have you covered. Contact our team today!


Metal Building Contractors in Oregon
Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to metal buildings Oregon, not all steel buildings are the same. There are many buildings that are built with cheaper materials. Our red iron buildings are made to meet all engineering requirement for wind speeds and snow loads that your governing entity may require. On top of that you can sleep well knowing that your prefabricated building was built to last even the harshest conditions. Other cheaper buildings may be made from strictly c-channel, welded tube aluminum, or even wood pole barns. Although these structures work, they limit bay spacing and clear-span abilities. If you are looking for a long lasting, completely open building, engineered to save you money, contact our team today.

Yes! Metal building customization is the name of the game when it comes to pre-engineered buildings. Although steel buildings are prefabricated, they first are designed completely to your specifications. On top of that, once the building is erected, there is still a ton of modifications that can be made. These building are easy to add-on to as well as add many component and accessory options. Metal buildings can even be designed with multiple floors, made from steel mezzanines, to get more room for your buck.

This is an excellent question. With our pre-engineered steel building prices, your metal building is manufactured and delivered ready to assemble. Your part of the construction process is to have a slab or piers with anchor bolts ready for the columns to be mounted. You will also need a fork lift available to unload the complete metal building kit from the truck(s). We also recommend a scissor lift be available to allow your erectors the tool(s) needed to assemble your bolt-together-building.   

Metal building façade is one of the most excited parts of steel buildings. The sky is the limit for exterior options. The building itself comes standard with 26-gauge PBR panels. Although, you can get PBR insulated panels, other designer panels, and/or use brick or other masonry products. For roofing you can use the standard PBR panels, use standing seam roofing, and get either option insulated as well. Essentially, metal buildings can just be the bones of your building allowing you to add just about and façade that you can imagine.

Excellent question. People often like to know the timeline of receiving their steel building in Oregon so they have time to plan and get permits if necessary. With prefabricated metal buildings, the manufacturing time and shipping takes usually between 6-8 weeks, depending on availability factors of course. There is always a possibility to speed up your order if necessary as well. 


When it comes to metal building construction, the bottom line is just as important as the steel building itself. We believe you will save money with one of our Oregon Metal Buildings. And here is why.

It is important to notice that there is much more to building construction than just the cost of the building itself.

Costs to consider with steel building construction are: slab, metal building kit, erection, equipment, materials, anchor bolts, and more.

Metal Buildings Are Built with Efficiency In Mind

A key benefit to prefabricated buildings is that they are design to be as efficient as possible. This is important in order to cut down on unnecessary building materials, overall weight, and shipping trucks. Adjusting the base spacing alone can save a tremendously. This is because by removing just one unnecessary column, heavy material can be removed and cut down on price, weight, and materials used. All of this equals savings for you.

Our team uses professional metal building design software that professionally engineers your building every time. Not only that, it also allows our team to value-engineer your metal building, giving you the best cost possible.

Our buildings are design for efficiency, built tough efficiently, and bring saving to your pocket.

Multiple Shipping Locations.

With the price of fuel increasing overall logistical prices around the country, it is essential for your metal building to be delivered from the closest manufacturing distribution center. Having metal building manufacturing plants around the country help the consumers bottom dollar and increases shipping times. When you order a steel building kit, you building will always be shipped from the closet manufacturing facility, which will save you money.

PEMBs Save Money on Foundations

A beautiful aspect of steel buildings is that they carry their loads on the columns. This allows our customers to use the least amount of concrete possible and saves money. Metal building kits do not need a foundation is one is not desired. They can be erecting directly on piers, which is popular for horse stables, barns, and more. When pouring a concrete slab for metal building, 18” perimeter beams with transverse and horizontal beams along the columns is highly recommended. This will decrease any chances of your slab cracking. We also recommend a minimum of 4” slab, 6” for heavy use. It is highly recommended that you follow Oregon Building Codes.

Save On Erection Costs with Steel Buildings

Metal buildings are known to not only be extremely easy to erect, they are much cheaper than other building options due to the fact that they come as bolt-together steel building kits. Other options such as Oregon pole barns usually have a lot of excess materials after cutting components to the proper sizes. This is wasteful and creates the need for on-site dumpers. Other building options come as weld together, which again has much material that will need to be cut to size on-site and leaves excess material to scrap.

With Oregon Prefabricated Metal Buildings, your building is delivered ready to assemble with all parts precut, drilled, and punched. Pre-engineered buildings are perfect for DIY projects, although a professional erection crew is recommended.

Construction Waste and Job Site Cleanliness

There is very little waste when it comes to metal building kits. Little waste usually comes from field located doors and windows. This is only if they were not designed to be in a specific location during the design stages of the building. The waste usually is from cut PBR panels and walls girts.

Overall Conclusion

With so many building options out there, prefabricated metal buildings are believed to be the most cost efficient when building metal garages, barndominiums, commercial buildings and more. If you are in the market for a steel building package, contact our team today to get the process started.

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