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Welcome to Metal Building Shop, where we bring the enduring strength of steel to safeguard your agricultural legacy. Our Metal Building Barns are not just structures; they're fortresses for your farm equipment, livestock, and harvests. Crafted from the highest quality, commercial-grade steel, these barns are engineered to withstand the most severe weather conditions, from blustering winds to heavy snow loads. With a Metal Building Barn, you’re not just buying a building; you’re investing in resilience, ensuring that your agricultural assets are protected year-round. Our innovative designs offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal, seamlessly integrating into your farm's landscape while providing the ultimate durability that only metal can offer.

At Metal Building Shop, we understand that every farm is unique, and that's why we specialize in customizable solutions that fit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to house livestock, store large equipment, or keep your hay dry, our metal barns are tailored to meet those needs with a variety of sizes, styles, and layouts. The low maintenance and longevity of our buildings mean that you can focus more on your farming and less on upkeep. Plus, our eco-friendly materials make our barns a sustainable choice for the environment-conscious farmer. Join the multitude of satisfied farmers who have chosen Metal Building Shop for their barn needs and step into the future of farming with confidence and peace of mind.


Metal Pole Barns

Discover the ultimate solution for your storage and workspace needs with Metal Building Shop's premium Metal Pole Barns. Tailor-made to accommodate a multitude of applications, from agricultural storage and workshops to recreational vehicle shelters and beyond, our pole barns are the pinnacle of versatility and durability. Engineered with precision, our barns boast a robust metal construction that resists corrosion, pests, and fire, ensuring your investments are well-protected against the elements and time. Metal Building Shop's Pole Barns offer an unbeatable combination of strength and longevity, giving you a wise investment that continues to pay off for decades.

At Metal Building Shop, we take pride in crafting Metal Pole Barns that are not only sturdy and dependable but also designed to streamline your operations. With clear-span construction, our pole barns provide maximum usable space, free of interior columns, allowing for easy movement and storage of large equipment or inventory. The customization doesn't end there; from doors to insulation, from windows to color options, we tailor your pole barn to your exact specifications. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your barn is not only a workspace but a testament to the quality and care you invest in your project or business. Step into the future with Metal Building Shop's Metal Pole Barns – where your vision meets our craftsmanship.

Metal Horse Barns

Step into the world of superior equestrian facilities with Metal Building Shop, where our Metal Horse Barns set the standard for excellence and reliability. Designed with the safety and comfort of your horses in mind, these barns are constructed using top-tier, galvanized steel that ensures a rust-resistant and durable shelter, capable of withstanding the rigors of harsh weather without sacrificing style or functionality. With Metal Building Shop, you provide your horses with more than just a barn; you give them a haven that's built to last, complete with ample ventilation, natural lighting, and a climate-controlled environment that keeps them healthy and happy in any season.

Our Metal Horse Barns are the epitome of bespoke craftsmanship, designed to blend seamlessly with the unique needs of your equestrian pursuits. Whether you're housing champion thoroughbreds or beloved family ponies, our barns are customizable to include spacious stalls, wide aisles, and all the necessary amenities for efficient care and management. At Metal Building Shop, we don't just build barns; we forge partnerships with equestrian enthusiasts, understanding that each detail matters in creating the perfect home for your horses. Embrace the fusion of elegance, functionality, and enduring strength with Metal Building Shop's Metal Horse Barns, and ride ahead with confidence, knowing your equine companions are sheltered in the best.


Prefab Barns

Elevate your property with the efficiency and elegance of Prefab Barns from Metal Building Shop, where cutting-edge design meets classic barn aesthetics. Our prefabricated barns are the epitome of innovation, providing a quick and efficient building solution without compromising on quality or durability. Crafted from the finest materials, these barns are designed to assemble with ease, saving you time and labor costs. The precision-engineered components ensure a perfect fit and provide a level of detail that traditional barns can't match. With Metal Building Shop, you're not just building a barn; you're enhancing your landscape with a structure that's as sturdy as it is stylish, ready to stand the test of time.

Choosing a Prefab Barn from Metal Building Shop means selecting a barn that can be customized to your exact needs and preferences. Our design flexibility allows you to create a space that's tailored for your storage, livestock, or workshop requirements, complete with all the necessary features for optimal functionality. These barns are not only resilient against weather and wear but are also environmentally friendly, reducing waste with their precise manufacturing. From the moment of conception to the final installation, our team is dedicated to delivering excellence and customer satisfaction. Invest in a Metal Building Shop Prefab Barn, where we turn your vision into a high-quality, long-lasting reality, swiftly and seamlessly.

Steel Barns

At Metal Building Shop, we've forged our reputation on the strength and reliability of our Steel Barns. Designed to endure, our barns are a testament to the might of modern engineering, providing a bastion of safety for your livestock, a resilient shelter for your valuable equipment, and a robust haven for your agricultural bounty. Each barn is crafted from premium-grade steel, chosen for its unparalleled durability and longevity. With a Metal Building Shop Steel Barn, you’re not just constructing a building; you’re erecting a legacy, ensuring that your farm’s backbone stands resilient against the ravages of time and nature.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can choose the exceptional? Our Steel Barns at Metal Building Shop are customizable to the core, tailored to meet your specific needs with precision and finesse. From the spacious clear-span interiors that maximize your usable space to the various aesthetic options that ensure your barn complements your property, we leave no stone unturned in bringing your vision to life. Opt for Metal Building Shop and experience the ease of maintenance, the efficiency of construction, and the peace of mind that comes from investing in a steel structure that's as steadfast as your dedication to your work. Our Steel Barns aren’t just a purchase; they are an investment in the future of your enterprise.


Small Barns

Introducing the compact and versatile Small Barns from Metal Building Shop, the perfect fusion of functionality and charm for your property. These barns are ideal for those who wish to maximize their space without sacrificing quality or aesthetic appeal. Crafted with the same attention to detail and high-quality materials as our larger structures, our Small Barns deliver the durability and strength Metal Building Shop is known for, in a size that fits your life. Whether you're a hobbyist, a small-scale farmer, or just in need of extra storage, our Small Barns are designed to suit a variety of needs, providing a cozy shelter for animals, a secure space for equipment, or a quaint workshop for your crafts.

Our Small Barns aren't just practical; they're also customizable to reflect your personal style and fit seamlessly with your existing buildings. The array of design options ensures that your barn will be a unique and inviting addition to your property. Metal Building Shop prides itself on efficient, eco-friendly construction and materials that minimize waste and maintenance, so you can enjoy the timeless look of your barn for years to come with minimal upkeep. Choose Metal Building Shop's Small Barns for a smart, space-efficient solution that brings your dream barn to life with all the quality and service you've come to expect from us.

DIY Barns

Unlock the joy of building and the pride of ownership with DIY Barns from Metal Building Shop – the ultimate choice for the hands-on individual who values customization and craftsmanship. Our DIY Barn kits are designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind, providing all the necessary components to construct a high-quality barn with your own hands. Each kit is pre-engineered for simplicity and precision, ensuring that even those with basic construction knowledge can assemble a durable, professional-grade structure. With Metal Building Shop’s DIY Barns, you're not just constructing a barn; you're creating a personal project that's imbued with the effort and care only you can provide.

Metal Building Shop understands that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to your outdoor structures. That’s why our DIY Barn kits come in a variety of styles and sizes, ready to be tailored to your exact specifications. Whether you're looking to shelter livestock, store equipment, or carve out a workshop or studio space, our kits offer the flexibility to make that happen. You’ll benefit from the cost savings of self-assembly without compromising on the quality and sturdiness of professional construction. Every beam, panel, and screw has been selected to ensure your barn stands the test of time. Embrace the fulfillment that comes with constructing your own Metal Building Shop DIY Barn – a place built with your dreams and assembled with your dedication.


We Would Love To Help You With Your Next Metal Barn Project!

Our Story - Metal Building Shop: Your Metal Building Barn Providers

Metal Building Shop began with a vision to revolutionize the agricultural and storage building industry. From humble beginnings, the founders noticed the challenges faced by traditional wooden barn owners—issues of durability, maintenance, and efficiency. They saw a future where robust metal could offer solutions, and from this vision, Metal Building Shop was born.

Our journey started with a commitment to quality and a dedication to customer service. We understood that barns are more than just buildings; they're an integral part of your daily operations, your hobbies, or your lifestyle. With every steel beam and every panel, we've crafted not only structures but also trust and reliability, providing our customers with buildings that stand the test of time.

Our Products - Enduring Metal Building Barns for Every Need

At Metal Building Shop, our product range is designed to cater to a myriad of needs. We offer a wide selection of metal building barns, including:

  • Horse Barns: Secure and comfortable, our metal horse barns ensure the safety and well-being of your equine friends.
  • Pole Barns: Versatile and easy to install, pole barns are the go-to for cost-effective, spacious storage.
  • Agricultural Barns: Engineered for the modern farmer, these barns are perfect for machinery, livestock, and crop storage.
  • Workshop Barns: For the craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts, our workshop barns provide the perfect space for creativity and work.
  • Custom Barns: Your vision, our expertise—tailor-made barns that meet your exact specifications.

Why Choose Metal Building Barns?

Choosing metal building barns is an investment in durability and sustainability. Our metal barns are engineered to withstand extreme weather, from heavy snowfall to high winds, making them a practical choice for any climate. Unlike wood, steel doesn't rot, warp, or succumb to termites, ensuring a long-lasting structure with minimal maintenance.

Metal barns are also environmentally friendly. Steel is 100% recyclable, and our buildings are constructed with the highest-grade recycled steel. This not only reduces environmental impact but also provides a building material that is inherently stronger than wood.

Turnkey Services - From Conception to Construction

Metal Building Shop takes pride in offering turnkey solutions. We understand that the process of building a new barn can be overwhelming. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way, from the initial design and customization to the final construction and finishing touches.

Our full-service approach ensures that every aspect of your barn is accounted for, including site preparation, foundation laying, construction, and interior finishing. We also assist with the necessary permits and compliance checks, making sure your barn meets all local building codes and regulations.

Why Choose Metal Building Shop?

Our commitment to excellence sets Metal Building Shop apart. We believe in providing not just buildings, but solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity. Here’s why customers trust us for their metal building needs:

  • Expertise: With years of experience, our team has the knowledge to deliver top-notch barns tailored to your requirements.
  • Quality Materials: We use only high-grade steel and premium components, ensuring your barn's longevity and performance.
  • Customization: Your needs are unique, and so are our barns. We offer a wide range of customization options to fit your specific purpose.
  • Customer Service: Our customer-focused approach means we're with you every step of the way, from the first call to the final handshake.
  • Competitive Pricing: We provide value for money, ensuring you get a premium product without an exorbitant price tag.

Our Commitment to the Community

At Metal Building Shop, we believe in giving back to the community that has helped us grow. We support local agriculture programs, provide educational resources on sustainable farming practices, and are actively involved in community-building initiatives.

The Future of Farming and Storage

As we look to the future, Metal Building Shop continues to innovate. We're constantly exploring new technologies and methods to make our barns smarter, more efficient, and even more sustainable. We envision a world where our metal barns are at the heart of a more resilient and eco-friendly agricultural landscape.

How to Get Started

Embarking on your metal barn project with Metal Building Shop is simple. Reach out to us, and let’s discuss your vision. Our team is ready to provide you with a comprehensive quote and answer any questions you might have. With Metal Building Shop, your dream barn is just a conversation away.

In Conclusion

Metal Building Shop isn't just a provider of metal building barns; we are a partner in your quest for quality, durability, and innovation. Our story is one of passion, commitment, and unwavering dedication to providing the best for our clients. When you choose Metal Building Shop, you're choosing a future where your investments are secure, your operations are efficient, and your buildings are built to last. Welcome to Metal Building Shop – where your metal building barns become a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Metal building barns offer several advantages over traditional wood constructions, including increased durability, greater resistance to pests like termites and rodents, and better weather resistance against elements like wind, rain, and snow. They also require less maintenance over time, as metal doesn't rot or warp like wood can. Furthermore, metal barns can be more fire-resistant and offer longer lifespans, providing better long-term value.

Yes, Metal Building Barns are highly customizable. They can be designed to accommodate a wide range of uses, from agricultural storage and livestock housing to workshops and recreational spaces. Customization options include varying the size, adding insulation, selecting different door and window configurations, and choosing color and roofing styles to match your personal preferences or existing structures on your property.

Metal Building Barns are an environmentally friendly option due to several factors. Firstly, the steel used in their construction is often made from recycled materials and is itself fully recyclable at the end of its life. Secondly, the energy efficiency of metal buildings can be quite high, especially when insulated properly, which reduces heating and cooling costs. Lastly, the durability and longevity of metal reduce the need for replacement or repair, conserving resources over time.

Metal Building Barns are engineered to be suitable for a variety of climates. They can be fortified to withstand heavy snow loads, reinforced to handle high winds, and insulated to maintain a comfortable interior temperature in both hot and cold environments. Additionally, metal surfaces can be treated with special coatings to prevent rust and corrosion, making them ideal even in humid or salty-air climates.

Initially, the cost of a Metal Building Barn may be comparable or slightly higher than traditional wood structures; however, the long-term savings make it a cost-effective choice. The reduced need for maintenance, the longevity of the materials, and the potential savings on insurance due to their fire resistance and durability often result in lower overall costs over the lifespan of the barn. Additionally, the speed of construction for a metal barn can reduce labor costs and time to use.