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Customization & Design

We provide custom metal building kits. Whether you are looking for a red iron metal building, c-channel steel building, or steel tube buildings, we have what you need. 

Manufacture Facilities Nationwide

With steel building manufacturing facilities located around the country, we can manufacture and deliver your building very quickly. Contact our team for pricing and delivery times.

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Our metal building kit are all pre-engineered and prefabricated. Our metal building systems are shipped erection ready. Tube steel building are erected by delivery driver crew. 

Turnkey Steel Buildings

Turnkey metal buildings is what we are about. If you are looking for a metal building to be manufactured, delivered and erected, we have you covered. Our tube metal building systems are perfect. 

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Metal Building Homes Florida

Metal Building Barndominiums

Metal Building Homes are becoming the barndominium way of the future. With their versatility and curb appeal, steel building homes can look anyway you want them to. With our metal building systems, you can have you steel building home erected in no time. We provide steel building homes that are efficient and affordable. Let us help you with your barndominium floor plans. Contact our team for pricing and more info.


Steel Homes Florida

Metal Garages Florida

Steel Garages Florida

Prefab Steel Garages

Are you in the market for a new Florida Garage? Metal building kits make the perfect garage. Once ordered, they generally can be delivered and erected in 3-8 weeks, depending on what type of metal building kit you purchase. Steel garages are the most affordable and economical garage solution available today. With tons of customizable options, you are sure to get a metal building garage to look just the way you want it.


Metal Buildings Florida, FL

Steel Building Kits

When it comes to metal building kits in Florida, we recommend using a trusted provider. That's why we offer amazing prices on steel building kits. Our kits can be purchased for DIY; our steel tube metal buildings are erected upon delivery, which is included in the price. We know metal buildings and we offer excellent pricing and solutions to make sure you get the right prefabricated building for you need. Contact our team today!

Steel Building Kits

Barn Kits Florida

Florida Barn Kits

Barn Builders in Florida

We love metal building barns, that's why we help you design your new steel barn building for free. We want to make sure you get the perfect look and use out of your prefabricated barn. We provide metal barns for equestrian use, garages, metal building homes, storage, shops and much more. Contact our team today to start designing your new steel building barn kit. We would love to see pictures once it's delivered and erected.

Florida Carports

Carports in Florida

If you are looking for a Florida Carport, look no further. We have the largest selection of carports around. We design/build carports, metal RV covers, double carports, triple carports, and much more. Whatever you need a metal cover for, we can design one of our tube metal building kits to cover your need. We have several styles to choose from and can make them just about any size. Our tube metal buildings are delivered and erected by the delivery drivers, who are professional erectors.

Metal Carports Florida
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Frequently Asked Questions

Metal Building erection times can vary depending on the type of metal building kit your purchase and if the foundation is ready when the building is delivered. For steel tube buildings, they are erected by the delivering crew and generally erect in 1 to 2 days. For c-channel and red iron buildings, you can erect them yourself as DIY or you can hire professional metal building erectors. These building usually take 5-7 days to erect. 

Prefabricated metal buildings are just that, they are steel buildings that have been fabricated at the manufacturer and delivered ready to assemble. We carry (3) types of prefabricated metal buildings: Red Iron Metal Buildings, C-channel Steel Buildings, and Tube Metal Building kits. Pre-engineered metal building are manufactured to meet your local building codes in Florida as well. 

Metal Building kits are awesome. They provide a slew of benefits including, excellent cost, customizability, and durability. Many of our customers purchase steel building kits for garages, metal building homes, shops, storage buildings, and much more. 

Steel buildings themselves are not insulated; however, you can order vinyl insulation to be installed with each building. If applicable, we recommend spray insulation, which is more expensive but provides the best R-value for your metal building investment. 

Absolutely! Our metal building kits are delivered with a set of plans. However, if you purchase a tube metal building kit, erection is included and believe me, worth it. For c-channel and red iron buildings, they come as bolt together building kits.  

Advantages Of Metal Building Construction

With the cost of lumber rising through the roof and their flexibility, steel buildings are becoming more popular than traditional construction methods. When it comes to bang for your buck, pre-engineered buildings, also known as prefabricated metal buildings have many advantages over wood construction methods. With their flexibility in customization, production and erection speed, and overall durability there is no other building method that can compare.

Metal Buildings Are Very Customizable

The beautiful part of steel buildings is their versatility. They can completely replace traditional construction. Metal building kits can be purchased as steel building homes, garages, shops, commercial buildings, and so much more.

Metal Building homes in Florida

Metal homes are becoming extremely popular as what we call, “barndominiums”. Many people own barndominiums and the cool thing is no one knows that they are really steel buildings. Steel homes can come as looking anyway you like. Some people choose to have the traditional metal panel façades on their home and some people choose to have brick, stone, wood, or even stucco on the exterior of their barndominium.

The beautiful part about turning your metal building into a home is the clear span structure. With the entire interior of you building open, you can design any floor plan that will fit the perimeter of you steel building kit.

The most affordable metal building kit used for homes is most likely the steel tube buildings. These buildings are delivered and erected by the delivery crew. Because delivery and erection are included in the price of the prefabricated building, they are extremely affordable. They are also engineered with the minimal amount of steel to meet local building codes. There are some set back with tube building kits; however, for a quick metal home, they are the best option.

The most preferred steel building homes are considered to be made of red iron or c-channel buildings. These buildings can be designed to be cost efficient, known as valued engineered. Many bardominium builders will order metal building kits without walls. This allows for the walls and interior of the building to be framed with wood or metal studs. Since the interior will have to be framed out anyway, it saves money on extra steel for wall girts and even wall metal panels.

Metal Building Shops

Metal Shops are popping up everywhere. When you need more space than just the garage in your home, the best option is to purchase a backyard shop. A 30x40 metal building or even a 40x50 steel building kit will usually work just fine for most homeowners. Many people will add car lifts in their shops or even lofts for extra storage area. Many homeowner associations require shop to have a certain part matching the main home on the property. That is no problem with metal building kits, as the façade can be made to look anyway you like. One of the awesome parts about metal building shops is the ability to have interior buildout within them. Some people also build homes attached to these shops.

Metal Building with living quarters

Metal Buildings with living quarters

Barndominiums are becoming extremely popular, especially as mother-in-law suits. It’s a win-win when you get the perfect shop to store you toys or work on projects, and your in-laws have a place to stay that is not inside your main home. Sometimes the shops are made so nice that people want to live in them instead of the main home.

Some metal building shops are popping up on deer leases, and country property as a place to store equipment and still have a roof over your head when away from home. These steel buildings can be used just as they are with an industrial look or you can build out rooms for people to have a little more privacy.

Commercial Metal Buildings

Commercial steel buildings in Florida are extremely popular for businesses. They can be designed as strip centers, self-storage buildings, or even corporation headquarters. With the ability to make metal buildings as large and tall as you need, there really are no limits on the possibilities of using prefabricate buildings for your commercial business.

Metal Storage buildings are perfect for residential and commercial use. Metal building kits make the perfect self-storage buildings. They can be designed with partition walls to make up each individual unit with its own overhead door.

Garage Metal Buildings are one of the chosen favorite metal construction uses. There is nothing like have your own steel building garage to store all of your toys and work on projects. Many people us their metal garages as wood shops and auto shops with lifts. The garages can be completely customized to have insulation and even air conditioning to keep you cool while you do what you love.

Metal Building Churches are becoming the top choice for local church groups. This is because of their affordability and versatility. Metal buildings can be made large enough to buildout a worship center and still have room for a basketball court. Some churches build metal buildings to use for worship and as Christian schools.

Small Metal Building Kits are most affordable as steel tube buildings. These kits usually are ordered as 20x30 metal buildings or even 30x40 steel building kits. Although, any size can be prefabricated for the end user. The shops are manufactured, delivered, and erected the fastest.

Steel Buildings Are Excellent for their Durability and Dexterity.

Metal columns along with wall girts, steel rafters, and purlins make metal buildings extremely strong while also allowing plenty of space. Metal building kits are designed and manufactured for their specific end-use location. For instance, metal building kits designed for Florida are generally designed to withstand a higher wind speed than buildings designed for other states. These buildings may have a little thicker steel and more bracing options to make sure the building can withstand Florida’s hurricanes, or at least give it the best chance of lasting through one.

Metal Building Are Environmentally Friendly.

Because steel is recyclable, and happens to be the top recycled material in the world, it makes the perfect commodity to use to build strong prefabricated buildings. The best part is the recycled steel is melted down and reformed; therefore, it does not lose any of its integrity. For people who want to go green, you can’t beat going with a metal building kits. With being 100% metal, no trees are harmed in the construction of your building. Metal building also do very well in fires. When heated, steel does not excrete toxic chemicals into the air like other materials. When insulated, metal buildings are do an excellent job holding a cold air, this will help your electricity usage as well.

Prefabricate Buildings Have Short Construction Times.

When time is money, the quicker a building is constructed, the more affordable it is. This is why tube buildings are the most affordable option. They can be erected in just a day or two. Stick frame structures are usually fabricated on site, which can take quite a long time to make all those measures and cuts, before nailing them together.

Steel Buildings Are Easy To Expand.

Metal building kits are one of these easiest construction methods to addon to. They com in kits, all you have to do is purchase another kit and put it right beside the existing building. After cutting a hole or two, viola, you have one large building made from two kits. If you have expansion ideas in mind for the future, we recommend that you purchase a red iron metal building already designed to carry the load of the future building, this will save you money in the long run.

Prefabricated Metal Building are the smart choice when it comes to modern construction. Whether you are looking to add a backyard shop, barndominium, commercial building, or steel garage, these buildings are the perfect solution for you.

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